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A while back, after the launch of Unity 5 I've been seduced to switch the project to the new shiny version of the game engine. Read all here
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Sara Donhildi Adventures - First Video

The Curse of the Skeleton King

Sara won a beautiful set of armor and weapons in a game of chance in her previous adventure. She is no longer a little peasant girl but a frightful knight in shining armor. But her skills are only skin deep and she had to flee from the town as the former owner of the armor accused her of cheating at the game.

Now, she has arrived at a small village in the mountains. She has to find a way to cross a huge wall that blocks the end of the valley. There is only one problem: the village is cursed.

Long ago in the age of magic, in a land far, far away, the dreadful Lords of Evil planned to subdue the entire world. A young girl named Sara fled when the darkness engulfed her village and started a life of adventure. She only knew her peaceful village, had no idea how big the world was. She was to discover a world of wonders, more diverse than she could ever imagine.

In her travels, she found the darkness had corrupted the heart of many people, men and women alike. Greed, intolerance and hate has spread far further than the darkness that devoured her village. Her world is in agony and on the brink of falling completely to the eternal darkness. Will she be able to save the world and restore the balance between good and evil?

Sara Donhildi Adventures
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